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Below are a few samples of some of Moon31's work producing and curating smaller, more intimate events:

fed sessions.

FED stands for Feed, Educate, and Discuss. FED brings innovators from all over the world to lead provocative discussions around a curated meal that the guests help cook. FED dinners are held in beautiful, secret, and private locations typically not open to the public. Details are sent two days before the dinner via email to each participant. ​ FED Sessions invite guests to discover: New cuisines, Unique spaces, and Incredible people.

More details can be found at

meeting of the minds (motm).

MOTM is a bi-monthly meetup bringing together those interested in enrichment through feedback, workshopping ideas, and improving themselves.

Loosely Inspired by Benjamin Franklin's "Junto Club" and Napoleon Hill's "Think And Grow Rich", these gatherings occur regularly as we aim to choose to surround ourselves with inspiring, great people, constantly working on ourselves in a safe space.

Meetings are completely analog (phones off) and aim to leave everyone feeling connected, inspired, and energized after each meeting. Collectively we have created a general list of guidelines and best practices to ensure meetings run smoothly. Guidelines can be found here.

MOTM Picture.png

the astor party.

Art isn't meant to be constrained. It's meant to be an expression of our true inner selves -- no rules, no boxes, no judgement. That's what The Astor Party is about -- getting comfortable in your own skin, and expressing yourself through art and raw creativity. ​


The Astor Party is the best jam and art-making event there is. We scream heartfelt lyrics at the top of our lungs, grab instruments that we've never played, move in ways that we want to move, and let it all go. Get ready to find yourself doing the worm in the middle of a dance circle, painting wildly, and singing songs not written yet, with your newest friends. Because here, everyone supports your right to do what you want to do, and how you want to do it.

For more details, links, and info, visit

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