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Below are a few samples of some of Moon31's work producing, executing, moderating and curating conversations and podcasts:

Hosted by Neal Ludevig and Amer Jandali, Leave Looking Up is a podcast that humanizes heroes through uplifting conversations about the somewhat tumultuous and often challenging state of the world.

Leave Looking Up interviews a diverse roster of guests from Grammy Award-winning musicians, to Emmy Award-winning producers, to internationally recognized activists and influencers, educators, innovators, and more. 

This conversation series is designed to inspire. Through demystification, orientation and inspiration, this podcast is here to have thoughtful conversations to uncover the models, concepts, and language used by today’s changemakers to help us all keep looking up. 

It's 1st season includes such notable guests as 2x Grammy Nominee, Emmy Award Winning Councilman, author, artist and activist Pierce Freelon, Author, Influencer, and Mental Health Advocate Shelah Marie, Acclaimed Bassist, Producer and cancer survivor Brady Watt, Sustainability and education artists advocates Hila the Killa and Nathanology, Ladies Get Paid founder, author, and women's rights activist Claire Wasserman, award-winning designer, TED Speaker, social scientist and UN Earth Champion Leyla Acaroglu, among others. 

For more information on the episodes, where to subscribe and listen to the podcast, visit

Poetry for the Planet:  

In partnership with New York City's iconic Nuyorican Poet's Cafe, Moon31 programmed a special Earth Day event with acclaimed Artist-Activists Taina Asili, Celia Aguilar, and Caridad de la Luz, each who performed works to honor and inspire attendees on the occasion of Earth Week. Guiding and and encouraging audience members to bring their own poems honoring the planet to share and discuss, they also performed new and original works.

A video recap can be found below, as well as a flyer on Moon31's Youtube Page .

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Poetry for the Planet

Poetry for the Planet

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winter jazz fest '20: talk series 

In a continued effort to engage artists and audiences in conversations around relevant and impactful issues facing the music community and our broader cultural ecosystem, Moon31 partnered with NYC's largest jazz festival Winter Jazzfest, in order to deconstruct and de-stigmatize subjects often considered too taboo to speak about: wellness in the music industry, addiction, recovery, substance abuse, mental health, along with social justice, gender, environmentalism, and overall health.

The festival, for its 16th year, attracted more than 17,000 attendees, spanned 10 days and took over 20+ venues across Manhattan and Brooklyn. Moon31 more than