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Below are some of the artists Moon31 currently is and has managed in the past:

j.t. liss

J.T. Liss is an East Harlem based photographic artist, poet and educator. His work combines multiple layers, sometimes up to 31 different photographs merged together, to create hidden imagery and symbolism that reflect society, inequality, religion, love and the universe around and within us.


Along with his art, J.T. tells stories and writes poetry to further explain each piece and give the viewer an in-depth look at his truth. His work has been featured in exhibits throughout the U.S. and internationally with several solo & small group exhibits through Crisolart Gallery in Barcelona, Spain. J.T. is also a featured artist with The First City Project, Harlem Arts Festival and Underhill Walls Brooklyn. He has commissioned artwork at Harlem Public, The Honeywell and multiple pieces are on permanent display at his studio in East Harlem.


Equally important is J.T.’s passion for helping others. Being in the social work and education fields for the past 13 years he connected with grassroots non-profits throughout the United States and created Photography For Social Change where he holds events and gallery exhibits to raise awareness for these organizations while also giving a portion of proceeds to raise money for their cause.

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