We produce emotionally rich visual content that explores the under-represented human experience. Through scripted and unscripted content, we champion emerging creators whose identities inspire them to defy societal barriers to educate and shift established standards. Our intention is to change company cultures, the entertainment industry, and larger global sensitivities with darkly amusing, inventive stories that chronicle the complexities of human spirit. 

Below are a few samples of some of Moon31's work producing TV and Film:


Created by Vishaal Reddy, INSOMNIA is a dark comedy series that, on a macro level, is changing the stereotypes of how South Asians are seen on television. Typically seen as deli owners, doctors, and socially awkward computer nerds, INSOMNIA places Nikhil, a bisexual Indian American writer, as the protagonist of the series.


The show's premise explores the world of Nikhil, a bisexual South Asian writer living in New York City that suffers from Insomnia, and supports his sick aunt by moonlighting as an escort. Grounded in realism, yet with a character that breaks the fourth wall, the series explore the unique challenges of being an escort in the 21st century, while also delving into the themes of sexuality, race, mental health, and LGBT issues.

In addition to Insomnia's creator being accepted to the Tribeca Film Festival's Creator's Program, Insomnia received positive reviews and coverage from Mashable, them. Magazine, NewNowNext, The Hype MagazineWussymag, 25YearsLater, BrownGirlMagazine, among others.

Fore more information and updates, visit www.insomniatheshow.com

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