Covered in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR, Time Out New York, among others, Moon31's work is all about experiences that bring people together in innovative, unique ways. Our aim is to create platforms for meaningful conversation that tackle the important issues of today, that circle around sustainability, LGBT advocacy, community building, civil rights, and gender equality. 

The focus of our work is to challenge dominant systems through the creation of experiences and visual content that examine their dominance. Whether through massive events, festivals, TV, Film, exhibitions, dinners, or conversations, the intention is to create platforms that spark conversations and bring stakeholders from all sides together for introspection, and ultimately, action. 

Refined from experiences in these sectors for nearly a decade, Moon31's activities focus solely on disruption by broadly raising awareness, assisting to invoke systemic change, and though strategic, targeted action, driven by a vision of achieving equal opportunity and access, all fundamental needs for our country's, and our world's, future. 


(some) work.


Below are a few examples of work that we've done in the areas of TV/Film, Large Scale Events, Intimate Events, Artist Management, Exhibitions, and Podcasts. Click each image for more info.

Michael Shoretz

CEO at Enlightened

Forbes 30 under 30

In the three years I had the privilege of building a company alongside Neal, one thing became abundantly clear: there are many individuals with whom you can work when things are going well, but very, very few on whom you can depend when things turn upside down. Neal is one of those few. Whether negotiating a contract with a multi-million dollar partner, the
word "quit" is not in Neal's vocabulary. In fact, his dogged
dedication to completing any task he is challenged with can be awe-inspiring.

Thuy-An Julien

Chief of Staff of T.I.

(Former) President at HipHopDX

Former Head of Original Content at Apple

Neal is a connector and a strong leader. He's an inspiration to everyone around him. He is excellent at figuring out what is needed to be successful and making it happen, and would be a great asset to any team or organization.

Amer Jandali, CEO at Future Meets Present

I've worked for, and with Neal's company. I've seen him curate, produce, book, and lead companies of all kinds, and every experience has been great. Neal is that cool combination of both the creative guy that's totally immersed the festival/music/arts and culture scene, and the execution guy that "gets shit done". It just gets done better because it comes from a creative space! 





Neal Ludevig

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Neal Ludevig is a producer, curator, and artist based in Harlem. He has toured (inter)nationally with a number of acclaimed artists as an agent, tour manager and musician. 


As a community leader, Neal is a founder/producer of the Harlem Arts Festival, a non-profit dedicated to providing support and a platform for local artists of all kinds in the Harlem community. Neal also curates The Astor Party, an ongoing jam session that encourages no boundaries artistic creative expression, and FED Sessions, a conversation dinner series where thought leaders and invitees "make bread and break bread" together. 


Neal helped launch Beyond Better Foods (aka Enlightened Better-For-You-Snacks), a national consumer package goods company dedicated to creating snacks that are truly healthy for you. ​ 
Neal's work has garnered coverage and interviews from a number of local and national media outlets, such as CBS, ABC, NY1, The Daily News, DNAInfo, Artnet, Bronxnet, and more.



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